About Us

Made in the U.K.

Founded in 1824, Hill & Smith Limited have unrivalled experience in the design and fabrication of steel restraint barriers and infrastructure products. Being a founding company of the Hill & Smith Holdings Infrastructure Products Group, Hill & Smith Ltd. have developed a wide variety of innovative solutions that can meet changing global demands. 

Over the years, their experience and expertise has allowed them to design and manufacture the highest quality vehicle restraint systems that are recognised and specifed across the globe. Having worked closely with Highways England, Hill & Smith are continuing to push the boundaries by broadening their range that are tested and approved to all the latest VRS and security standards.

Hill & Smith Limited have been members of The Platinum Group for several years. The Platinum Group is a network of committed leaders from strategically important businesses within the manufacturing, automotive, logistics, freight and transport sector in the Black Country (founded by the Black Country Chamber of Commerce).


Hill and Smith Holdings PLC