Our History

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Hill & Smith Ltd. is the founding company of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC; however, Hill & Smith was established in 1824 and was originally famous for manufacturing puddling machines, hurdles and fencing, wrought iron shafts and piston rods.

Since then, Hill & Smith have evolved to become one of the leading suppliers of safety and security products.



 Our History- 1879-1986

Hill and Smith, in Brierley Hill, was established by Edward Hill and Henry Smith in 1824 and was known as Hill's Ironworks.

The eventual partnership began when Edward Hill employed Henry Smith and later, Edward married Henry's older sister. Little is known about both families; however we do know that Henry married and had a son called Joseph Smith. When Henry died in September 1906, aged 82, he was succeeded by his eldest son. Joseph was the last working proprietor with founder connections but was killed in a carting accident in 1909, aged 54.

After this date the firm was made into a Private Limited Company but an unmarried sister held considerable interest in the firm until her death.

Hill and Smith is famous for supplying many miles of fencing for Queen Victoria and Ornamental Gates and parapet railings for the Royal House of Siam. They also supplied works on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Royal Dockyard at Simonstown in South Africa and gates at Hong Kong market and the European Club, Shanghai.

The company has also been responsible for structural steel work, often for whole factories, warehouses, iron-houses, market roofs, railway station roofs, footbridges and walkways, including the dome steelwork at Birmingham University.