Our Methodology

Ensuring we continue to drive safety forward.


Hill & Smith has attained CE marks for the length of need systems within Brifen and the Flexbeam family ensuring we continue to drive safety forward. The CE mark ensures that the installed product will perform as it was designed and tested, giving engineers and end users confidence when specifying our products.

With these approved products we can offer the complete solution to overcome the problems encountered along the roadside. When used with our tested transitions we ensure that when different products are required we can safely connect them together, whilst redirecting and containing an impacting vehicle safely. We also offer a range of terminals allowing complete end-to-end solutions, ensuring liability is held within one company.

Information for all of our products are available on our technical website - xtratech.

This website provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface which simplifies the management and publishing of Drawings and Technical Documents. These can be viewed, printed and downloaded from this site.

To access the xtratech technical website visit: xtratech.hill-smith.co.uk