Brifen MASH is approved in Australia

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Brifen MASH is approved in Australia

Brifen has become the first Australian approved MASH Cable Barrier, with thanks to our distributors, Safe Direction!

The Brifen MASH cable barrier will supersede current NCHRP-350 systems that have been relegated to be phased out from 30 September 2020 in New South Wales with other states likely to follow suit. The Brifen system has been MASH crash tested at varying post spacing as well as all 7 mandatory impacts on its non-release end terminal. Easily identified by its unique weave pattern, the Brifen vehicle restraint system is recognised as the world’s leading wire rope safety barrier. The interwoven feature limits dynamic deflection and provides soft vehicle containment and redirection.

The Brifen VRS is now tested to EN1317, MASH and NCHRP 350. It is tested to international standards making it suitable for all global highway applications. The patented design has become recognised globally because its ability to deliver low maintenance life cycle costs and low impact severity ratings.


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Safe Direction is our distributor for Brifen in Australia