New Brifen MASH VRS makes its Oregon debut!

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Brifen VRS tested to MASH

Created in the 1970’s the Brifen VRS is recognised globally for being one of the best performing wire rope (cable barrier) systems in the world. The patented ‘weave’ design and low life cycle maintenance costs has made this system an industry favourite. Tested with normal containment and high containment vehicles, the Brifen VRS is specified on global highway schemes as it complies with international standards, EN1317 and NCHRP350. To further this, Hill & Smith have tested the Brifen VRS to the new American standard, MASH, later making its debut in Ashland, Oregon US.

We have a wide network of experienced and trusted partners, that support us around the world. Our distributor in USA, Brifen USA, installed the first Brifen MASH TL3 vehicle restraint system in Ashland. It was installed down the central reserve to help road users return home safely at the end of every day. To find out more, visit our Xtratech portal.

Brifen MASH

Brifen MASH